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Pakipanga Rapé: Delightful mix of Yarumo & Pakipanga // Smooth booster from Ecuador


Pakipanga Rapé – Delightful mix of Yarumo & Pakipanga from Ecuador

Pakipanga Rapé is a wonderful mix of the miracle plant Pakipanga (Kalanchoe pinnata), which is well known for its beneficial properties, and the ash from the leaves of the Yarumo tree (Cecropia peltata).

This rapé is smooth, delightful, energizing and gives a miraculous and gentle boost.


Origin: Chocó region, Ecuador




DISCLAIMER: This natural product is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for any specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen. The product is packaged as botanical specimen and is not intended, branded, labelled, or marketed as a consumer product.

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