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Nukini Rapé // Guaba (Inga edulis) & Sharamasha // Uplifting & de-stressing


Nukini Rapé // Guaba (Inga edulis) & Sharamasha // Uplifting & de-stressing

This special aromatic Nukini Rapé is perfect to relax the body and uplift the spirit.

The base of this special Rapé consists of the very fine white ash of the Inga edulis plant, also known as Guaba or Ice Cream bean. Inga edulis has refreshing and uplifting properties.

The Inga is mixed with Sharamasha, an entheogenic plant which is related to the water-willow, Justicia pectoralis, also known as Piri Piri. Sharamasha is used for its ability to lift up spirit and energy, to restore inbalances of thoughts and to cleanse body and mind.

This wonderful Rapé is made by the Nukini, a small tribe from around 900 people who live in the region of Acre (Brazil), close to the border of Peru and Bolivia, in the heart of the Amazon. Rapés made by the Nukini are known for being prepared by the women of the tribe.

Origin: Amazon, Brazil

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